Each and every Airvida product has achieved CE certification. The actual measurement of the device’s current is just 4–6uA, which is much less than the 10mA that is harmful for humans.

Since Airvida products were not made to be water-proof, it is best to prevent any contact with liquids. Normal perspiration won’t damage the device. Please switch off the device as soon as you can after you accidentally wet it, and then turn it back on once it has completely dried.

All Airvida products passed the CE certification, it signifies that our devices comply with all applicable safety standards, including those relating to ozone and electromagnetic radiation.

With an exceptional result of only 0.006ppm (Airvida L1) and 0.007ppm (Airvida M1 & C1), which is 8.3/7.1 times lower than the EU safety threshold, the ozone density has been thoroughly verified by an independent lab. In addition to being safe, ozone density has been proven to sterilize the air.

Airvida’s negative ion production will continue as long as the battery is functional.

According to testing, the battery in an Airvida can still function at 70 to 80 percent capacity (20 to 23 working hours) after three years of daily usage.

Around 20,000 ions/cm3 of negative ions are present in the highest concentration in the natural environment. To ensure that Airvida could remain effective during daily usage/condition, it is able to generate and keep a concentration of 2,000,000 ions/cm3, which is 100 times greater than the natural environment.

Yes, Airvida does not contain any wireless functions, so Airvida can be used during the flight.

In general, it doesn’t require any heavy maintenance, only regular simple cleaning is required. As there might be particles accumulated onto the carbon fiber brush and these accumulation might affect the ion generation after some time. Cleaning can be done through the brush cleaner in the package or using a tooth pick , simply gently brush through the brush head to remove dust.

Please make sure the product is not in operation when cleaning. If Airvida has been cleaned by wet swabs, it should be dried up before the next operation.

The inner wrapping of Airvida is silicone (L1), and the necklace of Airvida is PU (M1) & silicone (C1). Each part that came into contact with a user’s skin passed the SGS test for hypoallergenic materials.

Airvida has passed the CE certification, so it won’t have an impact on other electronic devices. However, it would be better to consult with a doctor before using Airvida products due to the various regulations governing electronic medical devices & different device manufacturers.