Airvida C1

Designed for Kids

Airvida C1 is the world’s only wearable air purifier designed specifically for kids aged 3 to 10. Airvida C1 generates 2,000,000 negative ions/cm3 every 0.6 second around your baby’s face, 100 times more than natural forest ion concentration, to reduce PM2.5, pollen, airborne allergies & allergens that your baby may breathe in.

On top of great purifying ability, Airvida C1 is also safe and compliant. Complying with European CE standard, Airvida C1 meets CE radiation regulation without producing any harmful electric current. To ensure your baby’s health, Airvida C1 applies FDA certified silicone case to prevent from allergy and toxicity.

Airvida C1 is superlight, only 22g. It’s a perfect solution beneficial for kids to improve air quality all around, regardless of going out or staying in school, bus, public transportation, etc.


Airborne allergy & allergens (such as pollen, dust mite, pet dander and smoke) is the main reason causes our child to sneeze. PM2.5, another notorious air pollution threat – will bring negative impact on their growth.

Adopted its exclusive “Breathing Pathway Eco Ion Technology” innovation,  Airvida C1 effectively formulates 2 million negative ions per second and gathered around our kids’s facial area. These negative ions quickly attaches onto airborne particles (including PM2.5, formaldehyde (CH2O), allergic substance such as smoke, dust mite, pollen, and pet dander) within close proximity, turning them into bigger & heavier chunks and thus falling to the ground. 

Like an invisible mask, these numerous negative ions will protect our kids from breathing in those detrimental pollutants.

Use It Wherever You Are

Protect Your Kids Anywhere, Anytime.

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Ultra Low Ozone

Not only focusing on health protection, Airvida M1 also cares for your safety. According to the independent certificate lab test result, Airvida M1’s ozone is only 0.006ppm. Comparing to European Commission standard, 0.006ppm is just 10% to the limitation.

Extreme Low Radiation and Electronic Current

Airvida M1 complies with CE safety, health and environmental requirements,. Its radiation is far below regulatory limit and the electric current is as low to 4-6μA (only 0.01% to the level of harmful electric current).

FDA Certified Silicone Case

Airvida C1 applies FDA (Food and Drug Administration) certified silicone case to ensure your baby's health. the FDA is a federal agency of the United States Department of health and Human Service. As the result, the material is certificated by this agency to validate its anti-allergy and non-toxicity.

Zero Noise

No fans design makes Airvida M1’s sound level nearly to 0 dB, much quieter than reading in a library (40 dB). A high quality life should contain not only clean air, but noiseless environment.

Key Features

2,000,000 Negative Ions/cm3

100 times more than natural negative ion concentration.

22g Super Lightweight

Dedicated efforts had been made to achieve the amazing lightweight.

FDA Certified Silicone Case

Anti-allergic and non-toxic.

No Further Supplies

Self sustainable design only requires simple regular cleaning.

28 hours Long Life Battery

Incredibly small but sustainable built-in battery lasts for 28 hours.

Safe and Compliant

Far below upper limit of CE radiation regulation.

USB Rechargeable

The most common way of recharging for your convenience.

Silent Operation

Blade-less design for pleasant, noise-free operation.

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